The Thursday night Farmers' Market in downtown San Luis Obispo is getting a fresh new look y'all—new logo, new website, new merch. I've pulled articles from two sources below if you are in reading mood! Exciting stuff :)


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Our Downtown SLO Thursday Night Farmers' Market is freshening up its look. Over the next six months, you will see several improvements to our already world-famous event. We have a new logo-- "Farmers' Market - Discover Local Flavor," you also have the ability to search for vendors on a web based map and search bar, and there will be some fun, new market merchandise coming soon as well.

To celebrate our new and exciting improvements, the San Luis Obispo Downtown Association invites you to join us for a free, all-city street party on Thursday, April 9th at Farmers' Market!  Councilwoman Carlyn Christianson will be on hand to christen our new Farmers' Market information booth at Chorro and Higuera Streets at 6 PM. We will be offering drawings and giveaways of new Downtown SLO Farmers' Market merchandise like trucker hats, tees and reuseable shopping bags. Then at 6:30 PM the Market's mascot, Downtown Brown, will lead the way to the first of the Downtown San Luis Obispo Farmers' Market "Fresh Picked" Concert Series presented by The San Luis Obispo Collection  featuring local favorite, The Damon Castillo Band, at the Harvest Stage located in the Union Bank parking lot.  The new concert series will run through September (be on the look  out for the entertainment lineup).    

While we are excited about the improvements (we hope you are, too), the Thursday Night Farmers' Market will forever remain:

• all about LOCAL
• DIVERSE in its offerings and appeal
• dedicated to HEALTH and WELLNESS
• honoring of its rich HISTORY
• an unforgettable EXPERIENCE, and
• the HEART of San Luis Obispo and the week


Our Thursday Night Promotions Farmers' Market takes place weekly, year-round from 6 to 9 PM on Higuera Street and offers top-shelf entertainment, abundant local produce, family activities, delectable prepared foods, value-added products and a bicycle valet.  For more information, please visit  


Originally printed in the


Three decades after its inception, the downtown San Luis Obispo Thursday Night Farmers Market is getting a new look. Over the next six months, the San Luis Obispo Downtown Association will unveil several improvements that hope to build on the market’s success, including better access and infrastructure, technology that puts shoppers in real-time contact with farmers and their produce, and augmented hands-on educational opportunities for people of all ages.

To celebrate the refresh, on Thursday, April 9 from 6 to 9 p.m., the farmers market is kicking-off with a free, all-city street party that starts with the unveiling of the new farm-stand and market information booth. At 6 p.m., Councilwoman Carlyn Christianson will be on hand to christen the farm-stand with seasonal produce from the market at Chorro and Higuera Streets, offering drawings and giveaways of new downtown SLO farmers market merchandise like trucker hats and tees.

Then at 6:30 p.m. the market’s mascot, Downtown Brown, will lead the way to the first of the downtown San Luis Obispo farmers market “Fresh Picked” concert series presented by the San Luis Obispo Collection featuring The Damon Castillo Band, at the Harvest Stage located in the Union Bank parking lot.

“After an internal review, we realized that there were a few things that we could do to really take our market to the next level,” said Downtown Association Executive Director, Dominic Tartaglia, whose organization oversees the farmers market. “After thirty-two years holding this event we had to dig deep to see what those improvements were but, ultimately, we developed a strategy to make the user experience more pleasant and the vendors’ experience more profitable. We want this to be a market that locals continue to attend each week and be proud of when they bring guests with them.”

Established to provide the community with a positive gathering space that also supports local businesses, “Thursday Night Promotions” (as it is officially named) began in 1983 when the San Luis Obispo Downtown Association closed six blocks of Higuera Street from 6 to 9 p.m. to offer entertainment, special activities, food and shopping every Thursday night. Not long after, farmers were invited to sell their harvest and the event soon became what it is today.

Since then, the market has developed into a weekly, year-round street fair that is consistently named among the nation’s best, complete with top-shelf entertainment,abundant local produce, family activities, delectable prepared foods, value-added products, and a bicycle valet.

“Higuera Street is truly this community’s ‘living room,’” said Pierre Rademaker, longtime resident and owner of Rademaker Design, “and Thursday night has become our way of sharing it with family, friends and visitors.”

“Every week, I look forward to farmers,” said Amber Bixler, owner of Elevenses Mind & Body Therapy. “My senses are stimulated by the aroma of delicious food from the street vendors, the sound of local musicians and the bright colors and textures of locally-grown foods. This is one reason I love SLO: We are a community that fosters family-run farms and businesses. There’s no better way to showcase that support than through our Thursday night farmers market.”

“The farmers market is an economic and tourism juggernaut, to be sure,” said former City Manager for San Luis Obispo, Ken Hampian. “But more than that, it’s a civic gathering place, an opportunity for local residents to interact.”

“From day one, the market has meant so much to us,” said Mike White, owner of Boo Boo Records, one of Rolling Stone magazine’s top record stores in the nation. “Aside from the statewide (and beyond) spotlight it brought to SLO that has resulted in year-round attention, the actual Thursday night spike in business has been huge. Really, the farmers market took SLO to the next level in terms of our ranking among small towns in America and Boo Boo’s is forever grateful.”

For more information about improvements or the April 9 kick-off party, please visit or call the San Luis Obispo Downtown Association at (805) 541-0286.



Over the past few months I've been gathering recipes from the following farm-to-table restaurants, food artisans, and SLOcal farmers:

Artisan Big Sky Cafe • Cass House Eclair Bakery  Ember • Esther's Garden • Foremost Wine Co. • Good Tides Bakery Julia's Juices • Luna Red • Mama's Meatball • Mama's Preserves • Meze  Novo Old San Luis BBQ • Peppercreek Family Farm • Righetti Ranch • Rinconada Dairy • Robin's  Rutiz Farm • Sally Loo's • Scout Coffee • Seaside Cafe & Bakery Sidecar  SLO Creek Farm  SLO Fresh Catch SLO Grown • Taste Catering • Thomas Hill Organics • Y Hayashi Farms • plus recipes created by my squeeze, Shea Somma, and myself, Kendra Aronson

I'm so grateful that so many people hopped on board to contribute recipes to my passion project! I'm blown away by the generosity and culinary creativity of SLO County. I feel honored to showcase the true terroir of the Central Coast through this cookbook :)

I'm aiming to have tangible copies of my book December 2015, I can't wait to hold it in my hands and share it with everyone!!! Thank you so much for following along. xo, Kendra


I went to the San Luis Obispo Public Market Groundbreaking. It was a honor to be invited and I am extremely excited for 2016 when this place becomes a reality! This project truly is "for the community, by the community". Multiple firms are collaborating on the design and development: Dummit Enterprises, PB Companies, and Richardson Properties. Both the City and community is 100% supportive of the preservation of existing buildings and vision of future buildings. The excitement at the groundbreaking was palatable. I can't wait to hang out there and sell my SLO Farmers' Market Cookbook product line! Take a look at their most recent renderings, these images are currently not available on their site; you saw it here first folks! :)


An exciting update about the San Luis Obispo Public Market!!!!!!! All of the copy and photos below were taken from their website! This is going to be a little slice of heaven on the already heavenly Central Coast! :)

The San Luis Obispo Public Market at Bonetti Ranch is a proposed mixed use development with a rich past and exciting future. Located on the corner of Tank Farm and Higuera, Bonetti Ranch is the soon-to-be destination food and entertainment venue on the Central Coast. Over a hundred years ago, the property was purchased by George W. Long who constructed the barn and granary, which was later put to use by Florino Bonetti to raise sugar beets, beans, barley, wheat, and flowers. The design for the San Luis Obispo Public Market incorporates the restored farmhouse, barn, water tower, and granary to preserve the historical landmarks of the property. Once completed, the San Luis Obispo Public Market will host a wide variety of tenants, ideal for everyday shoppers, foodies, and tourists looking for a taste of San Luis Obispo.

San Luis Obispo is a unique town characterized by its collection of tasteful cuisines. With this in mind, the idea behind the San Luis Obispo Public Market is to create a central location for people to enjoy the best of the Central Coast from local purveyors. Once completed, visitors can spend the afternoon browsing retail shops, enjoying a specialty sandwich made fresh at the market, sampling handcrafted beer brewed onsite, or simply lounging in the sun listening to live music. Ideally, the San Luis Obispo Public Market will create an inviting and relaxed atmosphere that reflects the character of San Luis Obispo.

The Ranch itself boasts 4.18 acres, with 47,227 square feet dedicated to the Public Market and surrounding shops. Totaling eight buildings, the San Luis Obispo Public Market blends four renovations of existing historic buildings, in addition to the construction of four new buildings housing many shops, a market hall, and a brewery. The plans also include the design of four residential flats above retail spaces. The mix of different tenants serves to create a synergy of space that enhances the San Luis Obispo Public Market experience.

Keeping in touch with the property’s historical roots, the buildings will incorporate rustic themed architecture with exposed wood and corrugated metal. The San Luis Obispo Public Market’s design minimizes the divide between indoors and outdoors as much as possible with large open doors and over-sized windows, providing ample natural daylight. Landscaping throughout the project will include plenty of outdoor seating spaces, allowing future visitors to take full advantage of the beautiful Central Coast weather.

The San Luis Obispo Public Market’s goal is to help cultivate the farm-to-table movement here in San Luis Obispo. Our plan is to attract local businesses to sell high quality, local products delivered fresh daily. We aim to help connect city and farmers in a way that promotes social, economic, and cultural cohesion within our community. "



Hey friends! Exciting news: I'm now an Edible SLO contributor! I wrote a piece for Issue 8 which will hit the stands this Winter and I'm currently working on a spread for the upcoming Spring 2015 issue. I'm stoked to be part of the editorial team; it's a great way to bulk up my writing portfolio and plug the SLO Farmers' Cookbook in my author profile at the end of every story. Yewwwww!

Edible SLO celebrates the local food scene and sources of San Luis Obispo County. Every season they serve up a combination of profiles, features, and recipes that illuminate the people who work hard to bring this bounty to our tables. 


You may have noticed my extreme enthusiasm from instagram when I visited the Santa Barbara Public Market last month, if not, here is a recap:

HOLY HEAVEN. This place is the ultimate!!!!!! It would be a dream if an iteration of @santabarbarapublicmarket existed in San Luis Obispo! "The Santa Barbara Public Market offers everything you can imagine in the way of handcrafted, regionally sourced and sustainably made food and wine— with an ardent focus on local farms and artisanal ingredients." This is a Kendra kinda place! It feels like a beautiful mash-up of @biritesf and the @sfferrybuilding!

WELL GUESS WHAT!? San Luis Obispo is getting it's OWN public market. It's as if the universe is conspiring with me! Oooooooh!!!! This is the most excellent news! Read below:

"Insiders report that development plans to bring a public market, brewery and retailer are underway for the Long Bonetti Ranch property at the northeast corner of South Higuera Street and Tank Farm Road. John Belsher and Ryan Petetit, principals of PB Companies, are developing the San Luis Obispo Public Market at Bonetti Ranch, which will be operated by Mark Woolpert and Darren Smith, principals of Compass Health. The project will feature a public plaza surrounded by historical and contemporary agrarian buildings. The Public Market – similar to a concept in Santa Barbara that opened this spring – is being developed to include locally grown produce, artisanal food purveyors, restaurants and wine tasting. PB Companies plans to maintain the historical integrity of the existing structures on site including the historic barn, water tower and farmhouse. Also planned for the site will be a fourth location for the popular Figueroa Mountain Brewery, which currently has taprooms in Santa Barbara, Buellton and Los Olivos. The new 5,500 sq. ft brewery is conceived as a local craft brewery with 3,200 sq. ft of indoor and outdoor beer sampling. The first phase of the development plans call for building a Tractor Supply Co. store. Tractor Supply Co. is the largest operator of rural lifestyle retail stores in the US with more than 1,300 stores in 48 states, including a location in Paso Robles. Design work for the project includes three different local firms: Isaman Design is designing the market space;RRM Design Group is responsible for the brewery design and Arris Studio Architects is designing the Tractor Supply Co. location. Richardson Properties is the broker. The entire project is envisioned for completion by December 2015." - SLO Business: News & Information from the SLO Chamber of Commerce

Oooooooohhhh! You betcha I'm already schemin' how I'm going to sell my cookbook at this epic location. Can't wait for December 2015 :) Gosh, I'm so damn exciteddd I may explode. 


There is a NEW farmers' market in town happening weekly on Tuesday mornings (8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.) in Pismo Beach! "Fresh 55: providing farmers and artisans within a 55-mile radius the opportunity to sell directly to local consumers in a certified farmers' market." Wahooo! Can't wait to check it out! I've updated the markets page to include Fresh 55; there are now 20 markets in the county. Get out, eat seasonably, and support your SLOcal farmer!


Hey all you fine folks!! Thanks a heap for donating to Central Coast Grown in our honor this month as an alternative wedding gift :) We are so grateful for you and your contribution! 

Central Coast Grown works to build local, sustainable, and fair food systems by connecting the members of our community to the abundance of local food and farming in the County, bridging the gap between what people eat and where it comes from and in doing so strengthening the food culture and the relationship people have with their food.


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