An exciting update about the San Luis Obispo Public Market!!!!!!! All of the copy and photos below were taken from their website! This is going to be a little slice of heaven on the already heavenly Central Coast! :)

The San Luis Obispo Public Market at Bonetti Ranch is a proposed mixed use development with a rich past and exciting future. Located on the corner of Tank Farm and Higuera, Bonetti Ranch is the soon-to-be destination food and entertainment venue on the Central Coast. Over a hundred years ago, the property was purchased by George W. Long who constructed the barn and granary, which was later put to use by Florino Bonetti to raise sugar beets, beans, barley, wheat, and flowers. The design for the San Luis Obispo Public Market incorporates the restored farmhouse, barn, water tower, and granary to preserve the historical landmarks of the property. Once completed, the San Luis Obispo Public Market will host a wide variety of tenants, ideal for everyday shoppers, foodies, and tourists looking for a taste of San Luis Obispo.

San Luis Obispo is a unique town characterized by its collection of tasteful cuisines. With this in mind, the idea behind the San Luis Obispo Public Market is to create a central location for people to enjoy the best of the Central Coast from local purveyors. Once completed, visitors can spend the afternoon browsing retail shops, enjoying a specialty sandwich made fresh at the market, sampling handcrafted beer brewed onsite, or simply lounging in the sun listening to live music. Ideally, the San Luis Obispo Public Market will create an inviting and relaxed atmosphere that reflects the character of San Luis Obispo.

The Ranch itself boasts 4.18 acres, with 47,227 square feet dedicated to the Public Market and surrounding shops. Totaling eight buildings, the San Luis Obispo Public Market blends four renovations of existing historic buildings, in addition to the construction of four new buildings housing many shops, a market hall, and a brewery. The plans also include the design of four residential flats above retail spaces. The mix of different tenants serves to create a synergy of space that enhances the San Luis Obispo Public Market experience.

Keeping in touch with the property’s historical roots, the buildings will incorporate rustic themed architecture with exposed wood and corrugated metal. The San Luis Obispo Public Market’s design minimizes the divide between indoors and outdoors as much as possible with large open doors and over-sized windows, providing ample natural daylight. Landscaping throughout the project will include plenty of outdoor seating spaces, allowing future visitors to take full advantage of the beautiful Central Coast weather.

The San Luis Obispo Public Market’s goal is to help cultivate the farm-to-table movement here in San Luis Obispo. Our plan is to attract local businesses to sell high quality, local products delivered fresh daily. We aim to help connect city and farmers in a way that promotes social, economic, and cultural cohesion within our community. "