Hello friends, family, and folks!

I need your help to make this cookbook a tangible reality. 

As a young self-publisher the up-front printing costs are quite expensive; so I’m rallying you, my fellow foodies and farmers’ market goers, to help me crowdfund the printing costs of this cookbook. Check out my Kickstarter video and pre-order your copy of the cookbook:

If all goes to plan, I anticipate having the cookbook in my hands (and yours!) this holiday season! I embarked on this creative journey to create a community keepsake that will inspire folks to shake hands with their SLOcal farmers, to cook simple recipes with the season’s bounty, and to support restaurants that promote the farm-to-table mission. 

I hope you will be part of this journey with me by pledging your support today,
Kendra Aronson


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Thanks a bunch for your support!